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Rating Recipes

How the best apps ask for ratings and reviews

Calm Rating Recipe



Genre Meditation

Links Apple/Android

Similar Apps Headspace

Recipe Type Button Trigger

Rating Type In-App Rating, Custom Rating Prompt

Recipe Date October 2021


When a user favorites an item, show the in-app rating


Rating Flow




Rating Dialog : In-App Rating Flow : Started

Rating Dialog : Love : Shown
Rating Dialog : Love : Yes : Tapped
Rating Dialog : Love : No : Tapped

Rating Dialog : Rating : Shown
Rating Dialog : Rate : Rate Calm : Tapped
Rating Dialog : Rate : No thanks : Tapped
Rating Dialog : Rate : Maybe Later : Tapped

Rating Dialog : Feedback : Shown
Rating Dialog : Feedback : Yes : Tapped
Rating Dialog : Feedback : Dismiss : Tapped

Device Variables

is rating screen displayed
# of rating screens displayed
has rated current version

Backend variables

is in-app rating enabled

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